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Spring is a time of renewal. We anticipate the arrival of early blooming flowers and green fields emerging all across the Four Corners region.  Springtime is also when we begin thinking about changes we would like to see in our lives.  Many people renew their homes by spring cleaning when the longer, warmer days arrive. Jewish families thoroughly clean their homes each spring in preparation for Passover, the most observed Biblical Festival in the Jewish calendar.  For three thousand five hundred years Jewish families from around the world have been using the time of Passover to begin a new episode of life. Symbolically leaven represents sin in the Bible, because it ‘puffs up’. All leaven is removed from the household, reminding families and individuals that sin must be routed out from even the smallest hiding places. God sees even our ‘hidden’ sins.

The Passover season includes three different, yet related celebrations on the Jewish calendar: Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and the Feast of First Fruits. Passover signifies the release from the bondage of sin for all placing their faith in God. The Feast of Unleavened Bread represents partaking of a life overcoming the power of sin. The Feast of First Fruits represents several important events: 1) the passage of Israel through the Red Sea; 2) the anniversary of the day Noah’s Ark came to rest after the flood; and 3) it represents Resurrection Day—the day Yeshua (Jesus’s name in Hebrew) rose from the grave.

God calls His festivals “dress rehearsals” and in fact, after fifteen hundred years of preparation, Yeshua (Jesus) became “The Lamb of God” accomplishing every element of these first three festivals, at the exact time, in the exact way and to the last detail. 

This one singularity in time has brought about the Common Era C.E. when all humanity has the opportunity to be reconciled to their creator.

The Passover Seder (Order of evening and meal) presents the story of freedom from Egyptian slavery, Israel’s identity as a Nation, and the story of redemption that Yeshua (Jesus) fulfills as the Passover Lamb.  “Then came the day of Matzah (unleavened bread), on which the Passover Lamb had to be killed.  Yeshua sent Peter and John, instructing them, ‘Go and prepare our Seder so we can eat” Luke 22:7  As this Scripture states, let’s all be ready to come together for this decreed time called Pesach.  At this time pray for all to come to faith in Yeshua The-Messiah (Jesus The-Christ) and for all to clean their house of sin, being encouraged to walking with God.  Take the opportunity to attend a Messianic Passover Seder this year, you will find it most refreshing. 

The High Calling of God


The High Calling of God

Book Messianic JudaismTanakh (Old Testament):

Goal of the Jewish people is to praise, thank, confess, obey, and make know the living God—be a light to the nations. Cannot be a light to the nations without shining light of Yeshua.

Tanakh & Brit Chadashah (New Covenant):

Goal of the Messianic Community—praise, thank, confess, obey and make know the living God—to make disciples of all nations—so that through Yeshua those far from the national life of Israel might be brought near.

 This last week we started our 7 week course finishing up our series on Messianic Apologetics. Each week we will investigate one chapter in David H. Stern’s book “Messianic Judaism.” 

Chapter 1 DESTINY:

Without Messianic Judaism (MJ), Judaism which accepts Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah, the Jewish people and the Church will fail to achieve their callings. Messianic Judaism is the vehicle for healing the schism[1] between Christians and Jews, and will help them both fulfill their callings. There are 6 billion people in world; Christianity – 2 thousand year history – 1.5 billion claim to be Christian; Judaism – 4 thousand year history – 15 million Jews Messianic believers – several hundred thousand

  • God will write the Torah on Jewish hearts.
  • The Church will obey mandate to preach gospel.
  • Fullness of the Gentiles will come in.
  • All Israel will be saved.

MJs are called to be both MJ and Jewish—no need to choose—bringing reconciliation between the two.

  • MJ will be centered in Israel; land of the Chosen People of God.
  • MJ will provide a matrix[2] for growth of both true Judaism and true. Christianity.
  • MJ will assist both in fulfilling their callings.
  • MJ will be the chief means of bringing the gospel to the Jewish people as a people.

MJ movement is small. Our success will not be from size; but because with God all things are possible. It is a calling whose time has come. Purposes of book:

  • To strengthen personal commitment to God & His Messiah
  • To clarify what is MJ identity
  • To suggest tasks in building MJ community
  • To present the gospel to the JP in a Jewish way
  • To instruct overlooked aspects of Jewishness in NT faith
  • To facilitate tolerance and encouragement of the MJ comm. by non-MJ Christians, non-Mess. MJs and the rest of the world

Chapter 2 IDENTITY

Building a case for Messianic Judaism and defining the identity of both Jews and Gentiles that call themselves Jews/Gentiles/Christians/Born Again, and defining misconceptions of each.

Chapter 3 History The Key to Everything (February 1)

History is the center of existence.  History is the key to meaning, purpose and happiness.  History explains why we are Messianic Believers.

Chapter 4 Theology (February 8)

Christian theology tends to underplay or misrepresent Jewish phenomena, Jewish theology ignores the New Testament.  The church and the Jewish people must conform to biblical truth.

Chapter 5 Torah (February 15)

How should Messianic Judaism relate to the Torah?  Having a clear understanding of God’s Torah is essential for any clearly defined understanding of our faith, Jew or Gentile.

Chapter 6 Holiness (February 22)

The most important element in Messianic Jewish vision is holiness, not self-righteousness, not holier-than-thou attitudes, but holiness, without which no one will see the LORD.

Chapter 7 Program (March 1)

Progression of the Messianic Movement, the greater picture.


[1]schism = a split or division between strongly opposed sections or parties, caused by differences in opinion or belief
[2]matrix = an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure

Etz-Chayim B’Yeshua

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Luke 24:27 Then beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures.

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Etz-Chayim B’Yeshua


And he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb, in the middle of its street.

And on either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.  And there shall no longer be any curse; and the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it, and His bond-servants shall serve Him; and they shall see His face, and His name shall be on their foreheads.

And there shall no longer be night; and they shall not have need of the light of a lamp nor the light of the sun, because the Lord God shall illumine them; and they shall reign forever and ever.

And he said to me, “These words are faithful and true”; and the Lord, the God of the spirits of the prophets, sent His angel to show to His bond servants the things which must shortly take place.

“And behold, I am coming quickly.  Blessed is he who heeds the words of the prophecy of this book”…

“Behold I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done.  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.”  Blessed are those who wash their robes, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city.

“I, Yeshua, have sent My angel to testify to you these things for the churches.  I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star.”… He who testifies to these things says, “Yes I am coming quickly.” Amen. Come Lord Yeshua.

Revelation 22!