Bridges to Messiah Yeshua

Bridges to Messiah Yeshua

Have you ever wondered why there is a rift between the Jewish and Gentile nations? Have you wondered what your role is as a believer in the Messiah Yeshua?

This book answers these questions.

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This teaching provides an explanation and a history of how a rift formed between the people chosen by God to deliver His message and the people who received that message. It is a lesson of human nature. It is a lesson of God’s plan for humanity, it provides understanding of how and why the Messianic Community is a ‘bridge’ between Jew and Gentile, between the church and the Word of God through Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, Jesus The-Messiah.

The knowledge of Messiah originates in the Tanakh, known as the Old Testament. Understanding and further clarification is provided through the New Testament. Most people have never learned that the New Testament contains thousands of quotations which originated in the Old Testament. The traditional Christian Church has distanced itself from the Jewish foundation of God’s Word. This separation has led to many problems over the centuries. This book explains the history that caused this separation. It also shows how God is reaching people around the world with the biblical roots of His Word.

You will be amazed at the information God is bringing to light. I pray God uses this work to teach and to open up the knowledge of His Kingdom.

About 50 pages of reading; 60 citations.

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